It has been debated and concluded with Scientific proof that a child starts learning in her mothers womb, he starts adapting to the environment the mother lives into. The word Abhimanyu has been picked up from Indian mythology which also mentions the same. Planning a good future for a child from the time a mother conceives is an ideal way for bringing up baby. At Yashmay we are making an effort to give would be mothers an environment where in they can take out some time from their busy hectic schedule of house chores and be in a serene educational environment of Yashmay. They are provided with separate room with all basic educational books and movies, they are also given an opportunity to volunteer and be part of pre nursery classes. This gives an idea and practical vision to mothers how to plan an environment around the Baby, which is educative after they have arrived in this world. This can be done by making small little changes in their environment and life in which child is going to grow initially before they join the School.